The twentieth century saw first the heyday of Modernism and then Postmodernism, the defining influence at the end of the century. When will a new movement emerge – and what will it be? What comes next?  The term “prefuturism” was coined during the 1990s, initially as a joke (“sometimes I can’t tell where Postmodernism ends and Prefuturism begins”), but an Internet search reveals that some people are now using it more seriously. Other cultural gurus have talked about “post-postmodernism”.

What post-postmodernism, or prefuturism, may consist of is still taking shape. Postmodernism will continue to be an influence for many years to come. But seeds of change are sprouting – and the more Christians can keep up to date with the changes, or even ahead of them, the more effective will be our dialogue with tomorrow’s people about the Good News. The purpose of this article is to speculate about the trends in order to stimulate thought and help us to keep ahead of the game.

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